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Blessing and Words of Love

First giving glory to God for choosing someone like me to be a witness and an example for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! As I reflect over this life of privilege and grace; I am truly amazed at how the same God that created the sun, moon, and the stars of heaven would give a thought to someone like me, or anyone else for that matter; to allow his only son to die in my stead! Life for me has been a challenge full of adversity, but yet I was given a charge to keep, one I didn’t ask for, but feel honored to have. If we think truly about what it took to still be alive with the greatest promise (heaven) any man could ever desire, that should be enough to not only live right, but to want other people to share in this joy. I used to doubt if God really called me until I saw the change in the lives of others, as well as the blessings that others have received after truly accepting Jesus Christ. That alone is assurance and gives me peace that God has called me to work on his behalf. Blessings to all of you! Continue to love God no matter what happens. Continue to follow him, bless him through the good and the bad, keep trusting him, and he will direct your path. Thank you Jesus for trusting me!
Pastor Charles T. Winfield

Latest Testimonies

I’ve been raised in the church since birth but I truly only went because I was told to go. But for ten years now I’ve been going to Fresh Start Ministries on my own accord! The atmosphere is beautiful and I’m free to praise God however I want. I’ve watched, not only my life, but the lives of friend’s and families change as well
– Tera Winton

Before becoming a part of FSM in 2007 I had been saved & working in the church & on the battlefield for the Lord for 22 years. FSM gave me a fresh start in my spiritual walk with the Lord. The shackles and chains has been broken and now I know what the word of God truly means when it’s said who the son set free is free indeed.
– Evelyn Wynn

My spiritual journey since becoming a member of FSM has been a eye opening experience. I’m so thankful for Pastor Charles Winfield and his teachings through the spirit of God. I have gain such knowledge and confidence in my relationship with Christ. I now know how much Jesus loves us all. It’s so amazing to know that someone loves you so great that they would allow their life to become a sacrifice for others including healing, deliverance and freedom from all struggles thru his death. To God be The Glory!!!!!!! IF HE HAD NOT SACRIFICE HIS LIFE WHERE WOULD WE ALL BE, ESPECIALLY ME!. GOD BLESS.
– Tyra Godfrey

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